The Territory of Tumpat was established on January 1st 1949 at the Mahkota Field, in front of the official residence of the Territory Head, and first operated under Allahyarham Dato' Nik Hussein bin Nik Zainal (Dato' Kaya Setia) as the first Territory Head. Tumpat's rapid development came in line with the expansion of the Port and Railway Station, which were critical links on the East Coast. The Territory of Tumpat is the smallest in Kelantan at just 169.5 km². But it is the most unique due to the numerous plains and hundreds of tiny river islands which have strong potential to be developed as International Tourism Products. The Territory of Tumpat is made up of seven District Penggawa and 30 sub districts. Each one is made up of villages, which number 57 in total, and each village is headed by a chieftain or penghulu who acts as an intermediary between the people and the Territory Administration.