Makam Tok Janggut

Tok Janggut @ Haji Mat Hassan bin Munas was born in 1853, a Malay warrior who opposed British rule in Kelantan in 1909. He was killed in a battle on May 24th 1915, and his remains were laid to rest near Sungai Kelantan, near a village now known as Kampung Tok Janggut, Pasir Pekan.

After the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of Bangkok 1909, the British began making many administrative changes which affected the traditional rulers of the state. One of the more sensitive rulings made by the colonizers was an annual tax of 1 ringgit a year, 3 sen a year for each fruit tree, as well as taxes for coconuts and bettlenut leaves.

Trouble brewed in Jeram, Pasir Puteh on April 29th 1915 when an officer, who was not a Kelantan local, one Encik Latiff took on the office of Territory Officer to enforce the tax collection.

Tok Janggut and several others including Haji Said, Che Sahak and Penghulu Adam, came to an understanding that they would not bow down to the British. They were backed by the majority of the people living in the area. This greatly troubled Encik Latiff.

On the aforementioned date, a group of policemen headed by Sarjan Che Wan were deployed to Kampung Tok Akib to meet with Tok janggut. A scuffle broke out and the sergeant was killed. Encik Latiff ordered the arrest of Tok Janggut, who had by now assembled his followers, and was headed to Pasir Puteh. Encik Latiff sought refuge in Kota Bharu.

A warrant for Tok Janggut issued, and troops were sent in from Singapore and other Federated Malay States, arriving in Pasir Puteh on May 6th 1915. Days later the assault took place in Kampung Merbuk and Kampung Pupuh., where Tok Janggut was killed. After being strung up for days in Padang Bank (Merdeka Field), as a lesson to the public, he was later brought down and buried in Pasir Pekan.