Pemandangan Pantai Sri Tujuh

Selamat Datang Pantai Sri Tujuh  Pantai Sri Tujuh

Perhaps many do not know Pantai Sri Tujoh in Dense Colony, Kelantan produced of formation seven gulf. Again beauty so giving peace to anyone who visit.
Sat unwinding see this beach view also affords dispel workload which nested in mind. Furthermore, when see fishermen's activity casting net from shoreline.

This fisherman ' income source unlimited to catches of fish in fact carry out fish breeding in cage and process salted fish.

This beauty of the beach old as Adam foreign tourist through competition organization kite international level shortly once.

His main attraction however rests with phenomenon seven gulf could not be obtained elsewhere. Of a coast which previously have been threatened before serious erosion, again view so metamorphosed into attraction to visitor from outside.