Rumah Api Isyarat

Tumpat was a popular port of call in the 1900s. The authorities built lighthouses at strategic points, for the benefit of incoming ships at night. One of the earliest was built near the beach, beside the jetty. The structure is now long gone. It is now the site of Mahkota Field, near the residence of the Tumpat Territory Head. The lighthouse was a wooden structure some 30 feet in height, with a square base that tapered to a point. The light was placed on the deck at the very top.

Another structure is now in the railway storage compound of KTM. It is built of brick in the usual form of lighthouses we are accustomed to seeing. It has a circumference of  37' 9" and stands 70 feet into the air. A spiral staircase inside allowed the watchman access to the light at the top.

Locals say it was built circa the Second World War, by marines stationed in Tumpat.

When Kelantan was under the rule of the Japanese, the lighthouse was also strategically used by the invading forces.

It is now out of commission, but is open to visitors seeking a look at Tumpat's storied past.