Istana Bukit Tanah

Istana Bukit Tanah merupakan salah satu istana yang terdapat di Negeri Kelantan dan merupakan satu-satunya istana yang terdapat di dalam Jajahan Tumpat. Difahamkan istana ini dibina sebelum zaman pemerintahan Jepun lagi iaitu sekitar tahun 1910 iaitu pada zaman pemerintahan Sultan Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad ke-4.

The only royal palace located in the Territory of Tumpat. It's understood that the structure was built long before the Japanese Occupation, about 1910, during the rule of Sultan Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad IV.

The site was originally on much lower ground, and it's believed that prior to the foundation laying, the area was manually raised, with workers piling on tons of earth. That is how the palace got its name, Bukit Tanah or Earth Hill. The property is built on approximately 3 hectares of land, and surrounded by big trees now over 30 years old.

The palace was once known particularly for one tree here, named Pokok Kelumpang, which is said to have grown so tall that it could be seen from the nearby beach, which opened up to the South China Sea.