Jambatan Bijih Jubakar Pantai

The bridge is located near the beach in Kampung Jubakar in the Territory of Tumpat, Kelantan. It was built by the British before the war, for the purpose of easing the ferrying of steel deposits from the mines, to waiting ships at the port.

The steel mine was run by a Japanese company, "Oriental Mining Co.", in the aptly named Bukit Besi, Temangan, Kelantan. It was here that the steel shipments began their journey via Tumpat, all the way back to Japan.

During the war, the Japanese military officers kept it running. Today, you will find Sekolah Kebangsaan Temangan built on the original site of the mine.

After the Second World War, mining was restarted by the same company, which operated under the strict monitoring of the British. It continued to produce output until 1965.

Since then, the Bridge has been left unused and now lies in ruin.