The Teman Pili Bomba programme has been established since 1986 to foster a strong collaboration between the community and the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (JBPM). The programme serves to create awareness among the public of the importance of maintaining fire hydrants and ensuring that fire hydrants in their respective areas are in good condition to be used in emergency situations.

Fire Hydrant Categories

There are two categories of fire hydrants; the public fire hydrant and private fire hydrant. Public fire hydrants are installed in public areas or premises, such as in villages, housing areas, new villages, recreational areas and by the road-sides, with the interval distance of 91.5 metres. Private fire hydrants on the other hand, are those installed in private areas or premises such as stores, factories, shops and warehouses owned by private proprietary.
Focus of Teman Pili Bomba Programme

The focus of the programme is on public fire hydrants. The same programme is recommended for private fire hydrants.

Conditions for Participation

‘Foster parents' in this Teman Pili Bomba programme are those appointed or selected by JBPM to regulate or maintain the fire hydrants. They comprise of individuals, public or private servants, private companies, members of voluntary organisations, members of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or the chairman / secretary of the residents' associations.


1. Membership is open to all levels of the community aged 18 years and above.

2. Entry must be made using Form PB2001, available at all Fire and Rescue Stations nearby.

3. The form must be filled in three copies and submitted to the Ketua Balai (Station Chief) for consideration.
4. The station chief will then review the applications for consideration and recommendation.
5. The station chief will forward the applications to the Director of the State Fire and Rescue Department for the issuance of letter of appointment.
6. The letter of appointment is from the State Director to the station chief.
7. TEMAN PILI BOMBA CERTIFICATES will be issued by the State Fire and Rescue Department to the ‘Foster Parent' of the fire hydrants.

Roles and Responsibilities of Teman Pili Bomba

The Teman Pili Bomba programme relies on the ‘Foster Parent' of fire hydrants to play his/her roles as a custodian and rapporteur for the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia to ensure that ;

1. Fire hydrants are not blocked by anyone placing   building materials such as sand, wood, steel, cement or other forms of obstruction.
2. No vehicles are parked on the side or over the fire hydrant. To report such haphazard parking to the District or State Division of Fire Safety, Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia.
3. To ensure that repairs or resurfacing of roads by any party, do not cover  the hydrant pits. Report to the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia if this occurs.
4. To report to the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia and the Public Works Department or the Police if you notice anyone stealing water from the fire hydrant.
5. To clear grass or any equipment blocking the fire hydrant to make it visible.
6. To clear sand, soil, stones and other material that block the fire hydrant outlet port, particularly after the rainy season.
7. To report to the Public Works Department or the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia if there are any leaks or damage.
8. To monitor on theft of fire hydrant components by irresponsible people.
9. Help to paint fire hydrants if necessary.


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