Tips to avoid burglary

How can it happen?
1. By picking the padlocks/grills using a screwdriver or any sharp objects.
2. By opening the window grills/removing window-glass using a ‘jack'.
3. By sawing/cutting the padlock using a cutter.
4. By entering from the roof-top (after removing roof tiles)/entering through the ceiling after breaking it.
5. By entering through doors/windows left open/unlocked
6. By using duplicate master keys.

The underlying cause?
1. Not notifying neighbours and police when leaving the house unattended.
2. No collaboration among neighbours to monitor respective homes.
3. Leaving valuable things within the vicinity or in the house that can be seen from the outside.
4. Unoccupied homes are exposed such as newspaper subscription not discontinued.
5. The position of the house which is isolated as well as its structure that enables criminals to enter easily.

Ways to Prevent:
1. Have your main door fitted with a peephole and observe other precautions such as using padlocks and having your doors lock-chained.
2. Leave the lights on in your house when you are out
3. Do not leave notes stating that there is no one at home or instructions to newspaper/bread vendors or caterers.
4. Do not leave sharp items such as hoes, shovels, iron, machetes and others outside the house.
5. Good relations with neighbours could help and guarantee the safety of your home.
6. Rear guard dogs for non muslims
7. Equip your house/business premises with a security system
8. Ensure that your garden is kept tidy with short cut grass and Timmed trees/shrubs so that it is not used as a hideout by burglars.

What to do in the event of break-in?

  • Immediately make a report at a nearby police station nearby.
  • Do not touch or rearrange any scattered item after the break in. This is to protect the evidence at the scene such as fingerprint effects or tools left behind by the criminals.

Fire Safety Guide

1 .Ensure that all electrical appliances such as oven are switched off and the electrical socket is removed before leaving the house.
2. Ensure that all electrical items outside the home area are switched off and the sockets are removed to avoid any fire hazard.
3. Preparation of checklist can help us to ensure the safety of our homes and properties.
4. Check all electrical appliances before going away on holiday