Neighbours are the closest community in the life of an individual. Neighbours are important as they live closer to our home.

Benefits of Neighbourliness


A plural society such as Malaysia must rekindle the neighbourliness culture. Neighbourliness may shape solidarity among the people regardless of race or religion. We will then live in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Be responsible

In addition, individuals will also gain awareness on the roles and responsibility one has in communal affairs. Neighbours may offer assistance in emergency situations quickly if a health emergency or accident were to happen. This is because a neighbour is the person living closest to us.

Know Our Neighbours Programme

  • A programme dubbed "Know Our Neighbours" was launched by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Tourism.
  • The programme has successfully rekindled the neighbourliness practice and tradition.
  • Various activities were carried out to invoke the spirit of cooperation, friendship as well as gotong-royong.

As the Malay saying goes, "Bulat Air kerana Pembentung, Bulat Manusia kerana Muafakat", it states the importance of working together in a community especially for neighbours.