• Valuation Division

    Property Holdings Information

    Property valuation that have just received SKD/ CF/ CCC and vacant land subdivision will be completed within 3 weeks.

    • Property information can be obtained at valuation counters immediately upon settlement of payments.
    • Ensure on time issuance of the Assessment Tax Bill before the end of December for the January-June assessment and before June for July-December each year.
    • Provide facilities to pay tax via instalments.


    • You may forward objection on the assessment within a period of 2 weeks from the date the notice is submitted.
    • Results of the reduction appeal will be decided by the Appeals Committee.

    Transfer Application

    • Transfer applications from developers and individuals within a period of 7 days with condition the assessment tax arrears are settled and meet the conditions of transfer applications.

    To accomplish this charter you are required to :-

    • Comply with all rules and procedures set by the Tumpat District Council.
    • Fully utilise the facilities provided by the Tumpat District Council.


    Property Management Division

    • Ensure all immovable property of the council is well managed.
    • Ensure that vacant council premises are advertised and decided upon in the committee meeting in a period of less than 2 months.
    • Review the current rental collections of the council once a month for the issuance of Rental Arrears Notice.
    • Report all complaints related to stall/kiosk damage immediately to the Development and Engineering Division.