1) The application form can be obtained over the counter of Tumpat District Council.

2) We will provide information and help customers to complete the application form.

3) Application for license can be submitted directly, except for the following businesses whereby they must register with the following: -

  • Result of medical examination (for food business)
  • Supporting letter from District Administrator
  • Approval from the Fire Department                                     
  • Supporting letter from the Ministry of Trade and Industry                          
  • Approval from district's Public Works Department                                      
  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad Tumpat                       
  • JPS Confirmation                                         
  • Approval from the police chief (for dealers of used items)                              
  • Environmental Department     
  • Animal Department
  • Wildlife Department

(For petrol stations, factories, billboards, slaughtering of animals, wildlife, storage of timber in the border area)

4) All applications will be investigated: -

  • Premises with business license - 6 weeks
  • Premises with business license but with problems – decision from licensing committee
  • Street vendors' license or temporary license- 1 week
  • Advertisements and banners - immediately
  • Night markets, sales of seasonal fruits, etc. (provided you have a selling space ready) - Immediately

5) Approved applicants must ensure payments are made within 14 days from the date of the approval letter.

6) Each license is valid from 01 January to 31 December each year.

7) The business license must be renewed on 1 January every year.

8) The license may be paid up to 3 years for permanent premises with no problems.

To ensure the success of this Standard of Procedure, you are required to: -

  • Comply with all rules and procedures established by the Tumpat District Council.
  • Use the full facilities provided by the Tumpat District Council.

Hotline: 09 - 7252224