• Laws are carried out fairly and objectively in accordance with the provision of laws adopted by the council.
  • Ensure that all issues involving any kinds of enforcement are addressed completely.
  • Ensure that those who violate the laws and regulations adopted by the council and fail to pay the compound offered, to be charged in court.
  • Ensure that claims of plunder / animals caught by the council be given to the owner immediately after the compound have been paid.
  • Ensure that all complaints that fall under the responsibilities of the enforcement and legal division be investigated within 24 hours with the complainant and the information treated as confidential.


To ensure the success of this Standard of Procedure, you are required to: -

  • Comply with all the rules and procedures established by the Tumpat District Council.
  • Use the full facilities provided by the Tumpat District Council.


Hotline : 09-7256 224