We strive to enhance our employees' innovatineness and be responsible in maintaining and enhancing the image of Tumpat District Council.

Quality in Telephone Services

With a sophisticated communications system, you will get the best service. Your call will reach the intended person immediately.

Received Letters

The letters addressed to Tumpat District Council will be distributed to the relevant section or administration to be attended to, as well as to acknowledge the problems, besides to take immediate action.

Hall, Field and Equipments for Rent

1) Once having completed the application form, we promise to manage the facilities and process your application immediately. This is of course subject to existence and availability of the facilities.

2) To receive prompt service, you must ensure that you have: -

  • Filled in the application form correctly and clearly.
  • Settled the required fees or payments.
  • State your problems (if any).

To ensure the success of our Standard of Procedure, you are required to: -

  • Comply with all rules and regulations established by the Tumpat District Council.
  • Use the full facilities provided by the Tumpat District Council.

Hotline: 09-7252 224