Tumpat District Council is a State Statutory Body established on January 1st 1979, in a restructuring of all local authorities under the Local Government Act 171 of 1976. In reality, the state of Kelantan had already used a structured local authority system from as early as 1907 with the formation of the Sanitory Board . Tumpat was placed under this agency, along with Kota  Bharu  and  Pasir  Mas, and it carried out major sanitation works, waste collection and maintained streetlights till 1914.

          Under a restructuring exercise prior to 1979, the Tumpat Municipal board was set up in 1955  along with the Wakaf  Bharu Local Council and several other new areas. The two main local authroties here merged to form what is now known as the  Tumpat District Council.