Function of the Licensing, Public Health & Sanitation Unit

  • Manage all issues related to public health including ensuring those in the food preparation sector receive the required health immunization before applying for licenses, and monitor cases of contagious diseases like dengue fever to ensure it does not spread by carrying out regular ULV fogging in areas within the council's jurisdiction

  • Manage the disposal of solid waste in areas within the council's jurisdiction, and to ensure waste landfill areas fulfill all the standards set by the Housing and Local Government Ministry

  • Supervise sanitation work by sanitation tender contract holders, and ensure the work carried out meets the standards that have been set

  • Manage the implementation of drainage cleaning work, as well as scheduled trimming and upkeep of grass covered areas like public fields and in housing estates

  • Manage and supervise work to maintain cleanliness and usability of public restrooms in the council's jurisdiction

  • Plant and maintain shade trees, ornamental plants and landscaping in areas within the council's jurisdiction
  • Manage, process and issue licenses for business premises, hawkers, and banners in areas within the council's jurisdiction