Hall & Equipment Rental Rates

Service Facilities

  • Free Parking Area
  • Garbage Collec & Periodic Grass Cutting
  • Counter (One Stop Center).
  • Goods Exchange RecyclingCounter

Rental Facilities

  • Badminton Bousted Hall
  • Kelaburan Mini Stadium
  • Pantai Sri Tujuh Seminar Hall(air-cond)


  1. Wakaf Bharu Market, Tumpat Market, Chabang Empat Market, Getting Market, Free Tax Market.
  2. Bunga Raya Pantai Sri Tujuh hall ( can be fit in 300 people ), Teratai Pantai Sri Tujuh Hall ( 100 person capacity).
  3. Kelaburan Sport Complex ( Hostel & Football Field).
  4. Chalet & Pantai Sri Tujuh Hostel
  5. Pengkalan Kubur Free Tax Zone

Booking Information

All reservations need to be booked first

Booking should made one week early